OAT343 Trainer sull' Amplificatore Operazionale

This kit features four operational amplifiers, one of which is constructed with discrete components, enabling work to be carried out on the internal make up of an Amp. The comprehensive manual provided with the equipment discusses work in the following areas:
  • Op Amp feedback requirements
  • Input offset voltage
  • Slewing rate
  • Frequency responce
  • Common mode rejection ratio
The assignments are:
  • Operational Amplifier characteristics
  • Inverting and non-inverting modes
  • Open loop voltage gain
  • Common mode rejection ratio (CMRR)
  • Sign changer or inverter
  • Scale changer
  • Adder or summing amplifier
  • DC voltage follower
  • Differential DC amplifier
  • Analogue integration & differentiation
  • Linear and Non-linear oscillators
Ancillary Test Equipment required
    1 Multimeter
    1 Function Generator
    1 Oscilloscope
Power Requirements
    15V dc power supply (01-100)
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