EEC477 - Opto-Elettronica

This kit comprises a number of components, normally stored on a compact open-board, which may be used to build realistic practical circuits sul formatore circuitale EEC470
The kit comprises:
  • Fonte luminosa:
    • Lampada a filamento
  • LED's:
    • Rosso, Verde, Giallo, Bi-colore (rosso-verde); Red, 3mm pair (2mA/ standard).
  • Fotorivelatori:
    • Fotodidodo
    • Fotoresistenza
    • Fototransistor
    • Interruttore attivabile dalla luce
  • Opto-Couplers:
    • Opto-isolators
    • Transistor output, Type 4N25.
    • Darlington output, Type 4N32.
  • Driver Modules:
    • Type 741 Operational Amplifier
    • Flasher Module using Type LM555 Timer and Type LM3909 Flasher IC.
  • Fibre Optic Link:
    • A short length of suitably terminated fibre optic cable.
  • Active & passive components:
      A range of bi-polar transistors, diodes capacitors & resistors.
The assignments are:
  • Familiarisation
  • Light Emitting Diodes
  • LED driving Techniques
  • Flashers and Brightness Control
  • Filament Lamp
  • Photo-Detectors
  • Opto-Couplers
  • Application Circuits
Ancillary Test Equipment required
    2 Multimeters
    1 Oscilloscope
Power Requirements
    The EEC470 deck requires various dc and ac power supply inputs, all of which can be provided by italtec's
E-mail italtec for further information
or Fax to the N. +39 02 90 720 227.
Many thanks in advance.