33-000 - Twin Rotor MIMO System with MATLAB®

The MIMO system
    Curriculum covered:
  • Controllers
  • Open loop control
  • 1-DOF stabilising controllers
  • 2-DOF stabilising controllers
  • Tracking controllers
  • State feedback controller
  • Filters
  • RTK External Interface and User-defined algorithms
  • Rotor velocity stabilisation controller
  • External IPC function
  • Off-line testing of external controller
  • Simulink model
    Two optional teaching toolboxes are available:
    Teaching Toolbox 1
  • Introduction of Mathematical Model
  • Simulink model of the TRMS system
  • Identification procedures
  • PID controllers for 1DOF & 2DOF systems
  • LQ controllers

    Teaching Toolbox 2
  • Control
  • Fuzzy control

The Twin Rotor MIMO System has been designed to provide a high-order, non-linear, MIMO system with significant cross-coupling.

Both PID and State Feedback controllers are installed as embedded controllers in the Real-Time Kernel software.
Their parameters may be tuned and their effectiveness investigated. Work progreses to designing stabilising controllers for such a system with independent control applied to each coordinate of the system.

More advanced investigations may be made by adding user-defined algorithms by means of the software supplied with the system.

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