33-000 - Magnetic Levitation System with MATLAB®

The Levitation system
    Curriculum covered:
    Analogue operation

  • Non-linear model
  • Unstable system
  • Linearisation about and operating point
  • Infra-red sensor characteristics
  • Closed-loop identification
  • Lead-lag compensation
  • Perturbation sensitivity
  • PID control

    Digital operation
  • A/D and D/A conversion
  • Effects of sample rate
  • Digital PID
  • State feedback, pole placement, LQR
  • H&inf; control
  • Adaptive and self-tuning regulation
  • Simulink models
  • Feedback linearisation

This equipment presents the classic magnetic levitation control experiment in a new and effective form with both analogue and digital control solutions being implemented.

The suspended body is a 25mm dia. hollow steel sphere.

The equipment is self-contained in the analogue mode, with inbuilt power supply. In the digital mode the system operates within a MATLAB/Simulink environment which, together with the control toolbox, allows the system parameters to be determined and the system to be modelled.
Once the digital controller parameters have been determined, the designed controller can be used to run the hardware and the actual control performance can be seen and analysed.
Complete with Reference Manual.

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