MATLAB® Controls

Digital Pendulum
    Curriculum covered:
  • Model and parameters
  • Control Algorithms
    • Rule-based control, LQ control, PID control
  • Crane mode PID control
  • Swinging-up and upright stabilisation
  • Crane-mode LQ control
  • Tuning Parameters
    • Definition and setting of parameters
    • Tuning examples
  • User-defined control algorithms
    • How to create an external controller.
    • Testing in the MATLAB environment.
    • Non-linear stabilising controller with tuned coefficients.
    • Off-line testing of external controller 2-D PID controller.
    • Simulink model for the 2-D PID controller
    • Simulink model: crane mode
    • Simulink model: pendulum mode

    Two optional teaching toolboxes are available:
    Teching Toolbox 1
  • Definition od control problems
  • PID Controller
  • LQ Controller
  • Identification of the Laboratory System

    Teching Toolbox 2
  • Rule based controllers
  • Fuzzy controllers

The Digital Pendulum Control System is a modern version of a classical control problem: that of erecting and balancing a free swinging pendulum in its inverted position. To swing and to balance the pendulum the position of the cart on the track is digitally controlled.

The system operates within a MATLAB/Simulink environment, together with the control toolbox and an external interface to allow the system parameters to bedetermined and the system to be modelled.
Once the digital controller parameters have been determined, the designed controller can be used to run the pendulum hardware and the actual control performance can be observed and analysed.
The system is suitable for directed experimentation for conventional laboratory work, or for design and project oriented studies and is complete with Getting Started and Reference Manuals.

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