Modular Servo Workshop withMATLAB®

    Curriculum covered:
    Analogue servo operation

  • Closed-loop systems
  • Motor characteristics
  • Transient response of motor
  • Speed control of motor
  • Operational amplifier unit
  • Position control system
  • Analysis of position control
  • Velocity error constant
  • Closed-loop measurements
  • Instabillity
  • Passive compensation
  • Tacho-generator feedback
    Digital servo operation
  • Real-time digital control
  • Models of the process
  • Multivariable control design
  • PID controller design
  • Model reference adaptive control
  • Sampling period selection
  • Optimal design method:LQ controller
  • Time optimal control
  • Development/testing of user defined
    control algorithms

The resolution and accuracy of this system, and the consistency of its parameters, makes the Modular Servo Workshop ideal for serious study of digital servo control systems.

The Modular Servo Workshop covers all of the work that can be done with the Digital Servo Workshop with addition of fundamental studies of analogue servos, using MATLAB for monitoring and display purposes. It has the additional ability, provided by RTK extension software, to develop user defined control algorithms and to test them. Simulink models also connect with the RTK.

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