- 4 1/2 True RMS Bench-top Digital Multimeter

25 ranges, 19.999 counts max. 40mm high digit LCD. Unit symbol display. True RMS measurement.  Frequency response: 50Hz ~ 50kHz. Input impedance: 10MΩ. Best accuracy: 0.05%.

DCV: 200mV to 1000V.
ACV: 200mV to 750V.
DCC: 20mA to 20A.
ACC: 20mA to 20A.
Resistance: 200Ω to 20MΩ.
Frequency: 20kHz to 200kHz.
Diode check.
Continuity test (audible).

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- 4000 Counts True RMS Bench-top Digital Multimeter with Interface RS232C

42 Segments Bar Graph Digit 18mm High
Autorange and Manual Range
Data Hold
STORAGE Data Display/Recall
MAX/Min/Relative measurement
TRUE RMS for AC Voltage and AC Current
BACK Light
ADP Measurement:
400mV accuracy: 0.3% 10 Digit/1mV DC
Continuity Test
Diode Test
POWER SOURCE: AC or DC Power Supply
RS232C Standard Interface

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