Dissectible Electrical Machines

  Dissectible System for 15 Electrical Machines AC/DC - Extra-low voltage (ELV)

The system includes all the equipment required to perform the full range of student assignments.
It provides a hands-on approach to the understanding of electrical machines principles.
Designed for training technician and undergraduate engineers.
- n. 1 DC machine stator
- n. 1 DC machine rotor
- n. 5 AC motor stators
- n. 7 AC motor rotors
- n. 4 Brush for rotors
- n. 2 DC /AC 1/3-Phase power supply
- n. 1 starting system for sync motor with dc supply
- n. 2 desk top base machines bed
- n. 2 loads resistive, inductive, capacitive
- n. 2 module with ten analog instruments
- n. 1 hand analog instrument
- n. 6 digital measuring instruments
- n. 1 set of accessory
- n. 1 set of security leads
- n. 1 set of manuals

Dissectible Machines System is an electromechanical trainer that provides hands-on instruction in the construction and operation of rotating machines.
The system fulfills educational requirements that include industrial applications of electric power technology. It employs training equipment that has characteristics similar to industrial equipment.

The components allow students to create two different machines at the same time.
Fifteen different machines can be constructed with these components, without the use of tools.

Set of components include: stators, rotors, armatures, rheostats and capacitors.
Thank to the correlated manuals, students are guided through assembly and study of many type of electrical machines
- - - - -
1- Dc Generators:
Shunt wound
Separately excited
Series wound
Compound wound

2- Dc Motors:
Shunt wound
Series wound
Compound wound

3- Single Phase Alternators:
Salient-pole rotor, brushless
Rotating field,
Rotating armature,
Rotating field, salient poles rotor

4- Single Phase Motors:
2-pole, squirrel cage, split phase capacitor start / run
2-pole, squirrel cage, split phase resistor start / run

5- Single Phase Commutator Motors:
Repulsion, distributed stator variable brush angle
Repulsion, concentrated stator variable brush angle

6- Single Phase Synchronous Motors:
4-pole, rotating field, distributed stator, salient-pole rotor
2-pole, rotating field,
2-pole, rotating field, salient-pole rotor

7- Three Phase Alternators:
2-pole, rotating field, (star)
2-pole, rotating field, (delta)
2 pole rotating field, (star), salient-pole rotor
2 pole rotating field, (delta), salient-pole rotor
2 pole rotating field, (star), permanent magnet rotor
4-Poles (star), salient-poles rotor

8- Three Phase Induction Motors:
2-pole squirrel cage, star
2-pole squirrel cage, delta
4-pole squirrel cage, star
4-pole squirrel cage, delta
2-pole slip-ring, star
2-pole slip-ring, delta
4-pole slip-ring , star
4-pole slip-ring, delta

9- Three Phase Synchronous Motors:
2-pole, rotating field, star
2-pole, rotating field, delta
2-pole, rotating field, star, salient-pole rotor
4-Poles , salient-pole rotor


 Dissectible Electrical Machines Basic
The system is a complete kit of components suitable for assembling the rotating electric machines, both for direct current and for alternating current.
It allows the students to carry on a critical and well-analysed assembly, in order to understand the production techniques before performing practical tests of the operating characteristics.
The System is supplied at low voltages in order lo prevent the risk of accidents. However, the machines have fully industrial features.

Assembly, operation and tests on electric machines.
* Study of the magnetic field
* Principles of the electromagnetic induction
* Separately shunt, series and compound excited DC motors
* Separately shunt, series and compound excited DC generators
* Induction motors: three-phase slip ring and squirrel cage, single-phase
* Dahlander connection
* Three-phase synchronous motor
* Induction regulator and phase transformer
* Alternator
* Universal motor

Three-phase: 24 V / 42V
Single-phase: 0-48V
D.C. : 32V;0-40V; 0-8V
Three-phase supply: 3 x 380V - N 50/60Hz

3 analogue voltmeters. Three ranges: 3- 15-75 V dc/ac
3 analogue ammeters, Three ranges: 1.5 - 5 - 15 A dc/ac
1 speed meter: 0 - 4000 rpm

- Load rheostat for single and three phase insertion
- Load rheostat for excitation
- Load capacitor for single and three phase insertion
-Base plate
-Four removable bearing housing
-Elastic joint
-Clamping screws
-Dc stator, with salient poles
-Ac stator; with three-phase winding
-Commutator rotor
-Brush holder with 2 brushes
-Brush holder with 3 brushes
-Squirrel cage rotor
-Slip ring rotor

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